Gerry Hadden and Armando Guerra are the directors and filmmakers of “Time is Dust.”

Gerry Hadden (Twitter:@gerryhadden) has been a foreign correspondent for over 15 years, working throughout Latin America and the world. From 2000 to 2004 he was National Public Radio’s man in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. From 2004 till 2014 he covered Europe (and sometimes beyond) for the BBC/PRI program The World, also on public radio.

He has been travelling throughout Latin America making documentaries since 2014 for CCTV-America’s flagship documentary program, Americas Now.

He and co-producer Armando Guerra won the Gold Medal in 2015 at the New York International Film Festival for their documentary on Haiti’s first ambulance service. Their documentary on creativity and change in Cuba is a finalist in this year’s competition.

He currently lives in Barcelona with his partner and three kids. Everyone once in a while he grabs Armando’s camera, just to film the filmer.  

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Armando Guerra (Twitter:@_the_islander) is a filmmaker born in Cuba and currently based in Spain. He is also a volcano lover, hammock enthusiast and tirelessly submits to The New Yorker’s caption competition without ever winning.

At times, when the weather has been right, he has worked for Radio Havana Cuba, CNN, CBC, NPR, Punt2 and as consulted for the United Nations.

He currently roams Latin America as a producer/DP for CCTV America and runs a studio in Valencia, Spain.  

Follow Armando on Instagram: armando_guerra